Collection: Nathaniel Newell

Born in the 80s, he grew up on a skateboard in between loving and loathing school in equal proportions. Art was what he doodled and very occasionally practiced, in larger works in the urban environment. Traditionally artists flourish young and build on techniques that result in abstraction from reality.  This is not the case here, opulence, colour, precision and classicism, meet with urban trend and raw talent. Moving from street art to canvas and paper, Nathaniel comments “it’s easier to sell canvas and paper, someone else does walls, and to be honest, it’s the dust”.

Draughtsman, painter, copyist and master artist.  His influences are taken from 12th to 21th century. Italian renaissance, romanticism, mannerism, contemporary, urban and champagne. His style is lavish, sumptuous with a touch of witty sarcasm and a delightful presence in his work. If you know what you like, he assures you, you will love it!