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Mark Fox is a self-taught artist based in the City of Derby, in the UK, and is now an internationally-selling artist. Whatever spare time he finds, he tucks himself away in his studio, creating art whilst listening to music...  Normally any album by Pink Floyd. Loud.  Mostly to the annoyance of his wife and neighbours !!

He has always had artistic tendencies from an early age, but spent many years away from the easel doing a wide variety of jobs. "The call of the pencil and brush", as he calls it, never went away, and now paints almost full-time.

Working in Oils, Acrylics or Pastels he is rapidly establishing himself as an iconographer of note, specialising in modern-day favourites from the worlds of music and film. With bold strokes and a vibrant palette, his works sometimes appear to be both loud and subtle at the same time, capturing a different, often mesmerising, view of a classic image.

He is always happy to undertake commissions and some of his work is already available as Limited Edition prints

With exhibitions at several galleries, and many pieces now being licensed to sell Worldwide, his work is rapidly growing in demand


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