Collection: Emma Gibbons

Emma Gibbons Artist with her famous Popsicle Art

In the words of Emma Gibbons herself: “I combine paint, ink, glazes, glitter and mixed media to produce curious & joyful pieces of art from my studio on the North Devon Coast.

Born into a family of Cornish pirates and smugglers I developed a passion for treasures & adventures early on in life. True to my pirate roots, I have travelled extensively through Europe, Asia and South America, which bought colour to my work as well as themes of discovery & exploration. I'm colour obsessed, and for me each of my artworks is a little adventure - something for you to explore. 

I spent 5 years studying art & illustration in London, producing mixed media artwork, children's books, theatre sets, costumes and miniature sculptures. There I exhibited at the ICA, produced illustrations for the Sherlock Holmes museum and had artwork published in Time Out Magazine.  I then moved on to spend an inspiring 4 years working for Damien Hirst, and it’s fair to say his obsession with colour has definitely influenced my work. 

I have exhibited extensively in Devon & Cornwall and had several shows in London and further afield. My work has been bought by clients and collectors all over the world, including Dawn French (who I love). Recently, my work has been featured in Devon Life Magazine, The Artfinder Catalogue and in The Guardian Gift Guide. 

I do believe that art should be joyful. Life is full of challenges and I hope my art can bring people a little bit of daily joy. A little bit of happiness, sat on your wall. I hope that it brings a smile."

There is so much exacting handiwork and intricate detail that goes into Emma Gibbons's beautiful and breathtaking artwork. Her pieces are visually seductive, often with eye-popping brands and slogans built in wonderfully bright and vibrant colours. Demand continues to grow for her incredible pill art and popsicle art.