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Athena Anastasiou



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My paintings are continual explorations of colour, form and texture. I am currently investigating how far I can stretch the form whilst still portraying the essence and energy of a person or place.  All of my work has an underlying interest in empowerment through imagery and written word. For my solo show “Living in to your Portrait”, I focused on painting peoples “Giant” self, exploring how if we focus on what we want more than what we don’t want, it starts to become our reality.

Another element to my work is that I like to make the mundane - magical, using bright vivacious colours, painting in hot pink skies, for example. Some of my landscapes and scenes lean towards the fantastical. Into places we have not visited, yet we feel connected to. Insinuating a dream, deja vu or another life, a play between our reality and other worlds.

Oil on Aluminium

White tray frame

40 x 50cm

Picture in situ - reference only


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