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Mr Ben

Blondes Like It Hot

Blondes Like It Hot

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Blondes Like it Hot

Drawing on the cultural influences of his youth, mr ben explores images of popular cinematic and music culture, as well as consumerism and branding from the 1960s and 70s.

Each of his pieces documents a sense of history through the building of layers of painted original ephemera. At each layer he reveals glimpses of previous layers by carefully scraping, peeling, ripping and sanding. These are completed with the addition of transferred images. mr ben combines several methods including collage, text, painting with acrylic, ink and spray paint and image transfer and often cements his images with resin.

Signed Original

84 x 60cm

Collage and gel transfer on deep sided wooden board using original 1950s magazine adverts finished with acrylic gloss and resin.

Picture in situ - reference only

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