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Jason Pengelly



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Jason Pengelly

After only studying art to GCSE in the late 80s Jason fell out of love with the traditional 2-dimensional forms and abandoned it in a quest to satisfy his need to design and build. He trained as a carpenter and joiner and went further into furniture design and build also. A serious injury 26 years later encouraged Jason to get out the paints again, this time being spray paint, acrylics and marker pens. Painting on metal, canvas, paper, wood, glass - anything really!

Working out of Frogmore in beautiful South Devon, he is now using some of his joinery skills alongside a renewed love for getting colour onto various mediums. 

Having first exhibited as part of the "Eclectic Collective" in South Devon, Jason went on to exhibit at "Tribe 15"  "Tribe16" & "Flux 3", all in London, and more recently at Chapelarts Urban Art Show in Cheltenham. He is now looking forward to branching out and having the opportunities to show his work to a wider audience.

Signed Original

Multi-layered stencil on ply wood.  Pictured is Yul Brynner in Westworld.

42 x 100 cm

Picture in situ - reference only

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