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Richard Boyd-Dunlop

Suave Guy

Suave Guy

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Richard Boyd-Dunlop is a self-taught artist who began painting in his teens and has been exhibiting work for 25 years. His work is held in public and private collections in New Zealand and around the world.

Richard’s work is characterised by a bold use of colour on usually large-scale works.  He often works in acrylics and paint is layered and manipulated to reveal expressive and often abstract and primal forms.  The imagery alludes to alternative worlds and cultures, mixing symbols and layers which weave together to bring a sense of harmony and solution to the issues facing mankind today.

In his more recent work Richard explores new mediums such as holographic vinyl, acrylic and digital mediums to make work that is inspired by current events, popular culture and iconic figures.   These works are intensely colouristic using repetition and layering of images to denote other realities and tap into the viewers senses.  The holographic works are multifaceted and give an interactive element to the work as the colours and composition transform depending on the placement of the viewer.

Signed limited edition 5/50

UV protected ink on 308 gsm paper


90 x 60cm

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