Collection: The Proudfoot Brothers

The Brothers grew up in Queens, New York. Eddie is two years older than Charlie, however they have no idea how old they actually are. We estimate late 30’s early 40’s.
The Brothers spent a large amount of their young lives in foster care (they will not be drawn as to why) however they managed to stay together until Eddie was old enough to leave, his Brother Charlie following him two years later.

​The Brothers began working in menial jobs and began living together in the Lower East Side where they still reside. Both have had spells in psychiatric hospitals and prison (no details as to why) and have been living on welfare and handouts for around ten years, occasionally selling the odd picture to tourists.

​Their canvases are the magazines, advertising posters and old newspapers found around town or donated by neighbors who leave large piles at their door on a weekly basis. They never leave anything on the streets that would make a suitable surface to draw or paint on.

Both Brothers will not be drawn on their reasons for their fascination with blanking out faces, however almost every picture in their archive is a portrait with the face defaced. Eddie also paints and is quite accomplished and we are hoping to expand on that. However progress is slow as the Brothers need to be handled with Kidd gloves and will only work through Mason Storm. 

​The Brothers are incredibly sensitive and are wary of outsiders, their art is their therapy, a means of expunging their personal demons. They have never sought adulation or praise for their work, for them it keeps their demons at bay