Collection: Caroline Reed

"I am a visual artist based in Yorkshire, I exhibit in the UK and have work in private collections both in the UK and France.

Why do I do what I do? My work is an exploration of my experiences as I have gone through life. It is a way to express or emote what’s hidden, what’s underneath the façade of my everyday face that is presented to the world.

I tend to work in series, the ‘Mapped Out’ series explores the way that the lines on one’s face can tell the story of one’s life. The ‘Another Brick in The Wall’ series explores the walls we build around us as we go through life. The ‘You Don’t Bring Me Flowers’ series explores my experience with feminism both good and bad.

My process is complicated, I tend to use mixed media collage, ink and paint. My work tends to be small so I have each one individually enlarged and printed on to 300 gsm acid free fine art paper. There is only ever one of each piece".