Standing in the gallery doorway staring wide eyed, jaw dropped, transfixed and mesmerised as the little boy tries to work out what he is looking at. What is going on in his mind as he tries to make sense of this creature?

This is not a reaction exclusive to only the young mind of a child as people of all walks of life are taken back by this unique and philosophical sculpture by Richard Martin. I have witnessed many people now, standing in the gallery, transfixed and curious as to the meaning behind it.

Visions of a Mad Max type, Terminator 2-esque post-apocalyptic future in which robots and AI machines have decimated populations of living creatures across the globe could be one of the interpretations one might get from this. Maybe it’s about the fragility of life no matter what form it takes? Or is it simply a funny bug who had an accident playing tennis?

This is the beauty of creations like this and art in the broader sense. We all have the freedom to interpret, imagine and visualise anything our deepest subconscious desires can muster. This sculpture is definitely no exception to this notion and is a prime example of how giving our inner voice a chance to express itself we can create many wonders.

This sculpture seems to capture the imagination of the child within and continues to open the minds of many who see it.

This is not the first sculpture that Richard Martin has produced that has rendered people in complete awe. The first two of his first robot sculptures both sold to a private collector. You can view those sculptures and more of Richards artwork on the Fleek Gallery website here:


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